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Southern California Ocean Fishing Hot Spots

I’ve put years of research and testing into bringing you all the great fishing hot spots including maps and GPS Coordinates for your fishing fun. No more wandering around looking for good places. Just pop these numbers into your GPS and follow the arrow to great fishing holes.

There are a number of different fishing types, from nearshore kelp beds to sand and mud flats to open water surface fishing. I’ve broken these down into different categories since the species, techniques, and of course, the locations are different for each type of fishing. If there’s another type of fishing you’d like to learn about feel free to e-mail me and I’ll tell you what I know about it. There’s a handy e-mail link at the bottom of every page.

In each category, I explain exactly where to fish and what species of fish you’re likely to find in that habitat. I also go into the most successful techniques, baits, tackle, and even what time of year you’re most likely to catch them.

Once you read this treatise, you’ll know more that 90% of the local fishermen, and you’ll greatly multiply your chances for success. I get e-mails all of the time from fishermen thanking me for this great information – and it’s all free besides! The more you know, the more likely you are to score big.


California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife

California Fish and Game Regulations

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Trout Stocking Schedules and Maps