Important tools to carry when Fishing Off the Coast of Orange County, CA

The fishing season is here with us and you can use this moment to unwind after a long tiresome week. You can also catch up with friends or family members in the long quiet ocean while catching fish. Fishing Off the Coast of Orange County, CA is fun and rewarding. However before you go on your finishing trip, it is very important to ensure that you have all necessary equipment needed. Things that you need to carry will vary depending on the on the type of fish that you plan to catch. Below is a list of important things you need to carry when fishing Off the Coast of Orange County, CA.

Huntington Beach Orange County CA
Huntington beach Orange County

1. Fishing rod

You will not be able to fish if you don’t have a fishing rod. Fishing rod is highly recommended because they are strong and can able to handle many types of fish. However to avoid getting disappointed when in the middle of the sea, you are advised to buy quality fishing rod that is tough and durable.

2. Sinkers

Sinkers are crucial tools to have especially when going for deep sea fishing where you do bottom fishing. Hooks and bait alone will not be enough because they are not able to sink to the bottom. Experts recommend that you should carry extra sinkers because they often get lost in deep sea expedition.

3. A knife

Don’t forget to carry a knife. It will help you in many ways and can even help save yourself in case you find yourself in a dangerous situation.

4. Bait

Bait both live and artificial are important in fishing. There are many things that you can use as live bait. For instance, you can use small fish, worms or insects which can be caught while on the way to the main fishing spot. On the other hand, you can also buy artificial bait from on the nearest shop.

5. Needle nose pliers

This is a very important equipment that should not be forgotten at all cost. Needle nose pliers is used to remove hook from the fish that you have just caught. It can also help to get out the hook that has accidently got in your hand.

6. Hooks

Don’t forget to carry hooks of different sizes so that you can be able to catch fish of different sizes.

7. First aid box

In the process of fishing, you may accidentally injure yourself. It is therefore very important to carry a first aid box that incudes things such as Neosporin, bandages and medical tapes.

8. Special gloves

Fish are very sleepy and if you don’t hold them carefully they can fall back to the sea and disappear. It is therefore very important to have gloves to give you perfect grip over slippery fish.


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