Ocean fishing in Newport Beach, CA, is very popular because over 30 varieties of gamefish can be found in the coastal waters and offshore waters around this area. Tuna and yellowfin tuna, white sea bass, whitefish, giant yellowtail to over 40 pounds, dorado, mako shark, halibut, striped marlin, sand bass, calico bass, sculpin, bonito, and many more fish species are populating these ocean waters. Every angler on fishing trips in the Newport Beach area enjoy lots of action, often catching hundreds of fish per trip.

Typically, it is known that fish feed best on tidal movement costal waters along Newport Beach. A favorite time for good fishing is the time leading up to high tide. For some type of deep sea fishing in this area such as the white sea bass, the moon charts re also a factor. The fish seems to be more active on a full moon, but live squid, their favorite bait, is more difficult at the same time. The favorite time for white sea bass fishing along costal waters of Newport Beach is the new moon and around the new moon time.

In Newport Beach coastal waters and offshore, the popular gamefish targeted is the following:

Yellowtail – This difficult fishing member of the jack family is among the most prized gamefish in southern California waters. Along the costal waters, this fish species is caught seasonally. Specimens as big as 10-20 pound are fairly common. It’s even possible to catch yellowtail fish up to 40 pounds.

  • Tuna – In the Newport Beach area it is possible to catch several species of tuna such as albacore tuna, bluefin and yellowfin tuna.
  • White Sea Bass – This fish species is regularly weighting 30-40 pounds but it is able to reach giant sizes of 70 pounds or more.
  • Calico Bass – This is a smaller gamefish that is known for its great fighting ability.
  • Halibut – This oceanic fish species is often caught in large sizes and good numbers. A favorite time to target these gamefish is spring and summer.
  • Barracuda – These aggressive gamefish is primarily caught in the spring and summer but can also be caught year round
  • Sand Bass – These smaller gamefish has an impressive fighting ability.
  • Rockfish – This general term covers the species of gamefish found usually in deeper water. Whitefish, sculpin, sheepshead, ling cod, and red snapper are just a few of the rockfish species.

Among the areas popular or ocean fishing in Newport Beach are the Newport Harbor Entrance, Newport Artificial Reef, Corona Del Mar State Beach, and Newport Beach Pipe.

Below os a video with information about fishing near the Balboa Pier in Newport Beach, CA

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