Oregon Anglers was formed to find ways to meet the needs of both the state’s diverse wildlife, and the practical and economic needs of the communities that depend on the fishers and hunters.

Those of us in the conservation-oriented community need to consider the needs of both the increasing human population and that of all the various species with which we co-exist. We believe that there is adequate room to compromise, and come up with a “win-win” consensus that can help wildlife thrive, yet not destroy the economies of Oregon’s communities.

We have carried this message into the development of the Native Fish Conservation Policy, the Hatchery Management Policy, the newly completed statewide Comprehensive Conservation Policy, and the ongoing Coastal Coho Recovery Team. Our representatives are involved with the Oregon Hatchery Research Center’s Advisory Committee, the Ocean Sportsfishing Advisory Committee, The Pacific Fisheries Management Council (Groundfish Advisory Panel), the Salmon Trout Advisory Committee, and the Nearshore Management Plan, the Coho Recovery Plan,  the Lower Columbia Recovery Plan, the Upper Willamette Recovery Plan, the Strategic Conservation Plan, the Pineped Interaction Task Force, marine reserve siting, and wave energy committees. No other fishing group in this state can boast of such widespread involvement!

We believe that we, as anglers, share a bountiful resource with other citizens of this state, and we can co-exist by working together toward our common goal: plentiful and self-sustaining wildlife for all.

Our all-volunteer group participates in all the above mentioned state and federal endeavors. Our affiliated clubs cover a wide range of interests, but all believe in the concept of strength in numbers, and helping one another out.

With this we have become a strong presence in the federal and state planning- and in the State Legislature and U.S. Congress. We have several volunteer state lobbyists, and through the Recreational Fishing Alliance, a strong lobby in Washington D.C.

If you think we are on the right track join our all volunteer effort, with either you time or contributions.