The common sense political voice of sports fishermen

Politics are dictating the present and future of sports angling. Interest groups throughout the state lobby for dwindling resources, policies, and legislation that impact fishing in Oregon. Several environmental groups are attempting to limit access for fishing in our rivers, lakes, and the state waters of the Pacific Ocean, and reduce or eliminate hatchery mitigation. This is going on particularly in the ocean with huge marine reserves proposed by the out-of-state Pew Foundation hiring Oregonians to front for them in organizations like “Our Ocean”. Oregon’s territorial sea is among the best managed marine areas in the world. Most of the species that were once listed as “overfished” have come back way ahead of the biological schedule. A reasonable system of small research areas are justifiable, BUT taking 70% of the fishable waters out of public access forever, without being able to scientifically document the need, is criminal!

Oregon Anglers is a political action committee (PAC) formed by sports fishing advocates to protect and advance our rights and causes. Our PAC is a blend of dedicated volunteers, none drawing any salary for their efforts, and an unpaid advisory group of fisheries biologists and other experts in many fields that impact sport fishing. We are lucky to have one of the state’s influential and effective lobbyists as our legislative director , and a former legislator and state treasurer as president.

All donations go toward advancing sports fishing for today and the future. We have no employees and our office is rent free, so our overhead is very low.

We founded Oregon Anglers as a PAC (Political Action Committee) because we can tap the resources of the average angler without it costing him or her a cent! Oregon tax law allows political action contributions to be counted as tax paid, up to the following limits (taken from the Oregon Personal Income Tax Forms and Instructions booklet):