The purpose of Oregon Anglers is to further the interests of present and future generations of recreational anglers in our state.


We promote the interests of Oregon’s sports fishing community by taking a proactive role in government affairs.

We promote policies and practices that improve and sustain the health of fish habitats and watersheds.

We work to ensure that hatchery and wild fish management is based on sound scientific research using genetics and current technology. (See the Oregon Hatchery Research Center)

We work to increase the opportunity for angler success. Mitigation is a part of that success.



We can optimize hatchery programs to enhance fisheries, mitigate for lost or natural production, and conserve species at risk of extinction. To bring our hatcheries up-to-date we must fund these improvements.

Accurate ocean surveys of stocks and spawning and rearing areas are urgently needed. Without this information, any recovery efforts are only aimed at harvest, which is just one of the keys to recovery. Mapping our territorial sea (out to 3 miles from shore) is a key part of this goal. To date the legislature has not deemed to fund the completion of this. Any marinereserves are pointless without a survey of what our nearshore waters actually contains.

Warm water species are here to stay, whether they were intentionally introduced or not. We must manage these species as we do salmon, trout, and ocean stocks.

Habitat restoration and protection remain top priorities.

We can move toward de-listing of fish species under state and federal endangered species laws. There are many recovery tools available, but not all are being used.

Management of our watersheds must be made basin-by-basin, instead of a “one size fits all” set of rules. Watershed Councils must be held accountable for the money they receive.

We must increase local involvement in fish conservation programs.

We must provide a scientific basis for conservation. Planning for our basins cannot be done according to the “old assumptions and generalities” based on old and inaccurate science.

The human factor must always be considered when planning for wildlife. Economic considerations are an important step in reaching success.

Large scale poaching and other destruction of our natural resources must be appropriately punished. Upgrading these egregious acts to mandatory prosecution status was accomplished with the passage of House Bill 3089 in the 2009Legislative Session, at the request of Oregon Anglers with the Oregon Hunters Association, Trout Unlimited, the Oregon State Police, ODFW, and the Audabon Society joining us. The key is MANDATORY economic penalties and suspensions of fishing and hunting privileges, plus ODFW can pursue civil suits to be reinbursed for the value of the fish or game lost.


You can help Oregon Anglers make
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